Shetland is the most northerly group of islands in the United Kingdom with a population of approximately 21,988 (at the 2001 census). Shetland Property is sold by Inksters throughout the islands:-



Lerwick Lerwick is the main town and port of Shetland with a population of approximately 6,830 (at the 2001 census). Lerwick lies on the east (North Sea) coast of the Shetland Mainland.


Scalloway Scalloway is the largest settlement on the North Atlantic coast of Mainland, Shetland with a population of approximately 812 (at the 2001 census). Until 1708 it was the capital of Shetland.

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The Mainland

The Mainland Mainland is the main island of Shetland and is the centre of Shetland's ferry and air connections. It has an area of 374 square miles, making it the third largest Scottish island.

The Islands

The Islands Inhabited islands in addition to Mainland: Bressay, Burra, Fetlar, Foula, Muckle Roe, Papa Stour, Trondra, Vaila, Unst, Whalsay, Yell, Fair Isle, and Housay and Bruray in the Out Skerries.