The Islands

Out of the approximately 100 islands that make up Shetland, only 15 are inhabited. The main island is known as Mainland. The other inhabited islands are: Bressay, Burra, Fetlar, Foula, Muckle Roe, Papa Stour, Trondra, Vaila, Unst, Whalsay, Yell, Fair Isle, and Housay and Bruray in the Out Skerries.

Bridges connect Trondra, Burra and Muckle Roe to the Mainland.  The other islands require ferry journeys with there also being flights from the Mainland to Foula, Papa Stour, Fair Isle and the Out Skerries.

Use the Shetland Postcode Map or the Shetland Property Location Map or the Shetland Property Listing to search for properties for sale through Inksters on the Islands.