Information to Mobile Phones

Inksters utilise technology that delivers pictures and property details to most mobile phones across all network operators in the UK.

The service enables interested parties to access information on all of our properties instantly from our 'For Sale' boards, window cards, online listings and press adverts 24/7.

Inksters use the latest location-based technology so you can find the Shetland and other Scottish properties Inksters are marketing for sale nearest to where you are standing. Just text inksters to 84840 and you will receive an immediate return text with information on properties for sale via Inksters near to you. This text will also contain a link that when clicked on will take you to Inksters' Property mobile website with more details and photos of the properties in question. Only your normal operator charges will apply.

Inksters' Mobile Property Website

Inksters' Shetland Estate Agency service is just that little bit different....

We were the first Estate Agents to introduce this technology to the sale of Property in Shetland and we remain one of only a few Estate Agents in Scotland that can provide you with this service.

To see what our Property Mobile Website looks like check out the Inksters' Property Mobile Website Emulator.

Contact Brian Inkster on 0141 229 0880 or send Brian an e-mail if you are interested in using Inksters' innovative Estate Agency services to sell your home in Shetland.