Property Transactions

As Solicitors, and not just Estate Agents, Inksters can provide you with a full one stop service by dealing with the conveyancing involved in transfering the property once a buyer is found.  We can also assist you with your next purchase and any leasing or security arrangements involved.


Sale Inksters can help you with the many formalities of selling property, ensuring the transaction is completed as smoothly as possible


Purchase Your home may be the most expensive purchase you've ever made so it's understandable to want someone you can trust to guide you through the process.


Lease Whether you are a landlord with several properties or just one, we can draw up a lease which can protect you and your property. We can also help when things go wrong with your tenants.


Mortgage We are on the conveyancing panel of all Scottish lenders and most English ones. This means we can almost certainly help you with the security arrangements involving your mortgage.